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some of the financial services issues that have made the news

FROM 2019


Channel Islands: Judicial challenge win for Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman

Ireland: Financial Services & Pensions Ombudsman: First digest of binding decisions & Press release
New Zealand: Banking Ombudsman's fraud awareness multi-media campaign with two television commercials:
phone scam & email scam

FROM 2018


South Africa: Ombud for Financial Services Providers (FAIS Ombud) annual report

Swaziland: Ombudsman of Financial Services annual report

Canada: OmbudService for Health & Life Insurance annual report
New Zealand: Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman NZ annual report
UK: Financial Ombudsman Service annual report

Isle of Man: Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme annual report

Ireland: Financial Services Ombudsman merged with Pensions Ombudsman from 1 Jan 2018
France:French Insurance Mediation (annual report)

UK: Financial Ombudsman Service UK (independent report)

Channel Islands: Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman (annual report)

New Zealand: Banking Ombudsman New Zealand (annual report)

South Africa: Ombudsman for Long Term Insurance South Africa (annual report)


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FROM 2017


South Africa: Mobile application for banking complaints

UK: Generation game: age-related complaints

Poland: Financial Ombudsman calls for bitcoin exchange regulation

South Africa: Pension Funds Adjudicator hits fund with punitive damages payment

Armenia: Financial System Mediator - latest case statistics

Channel Islands: Financial Ombudsman - latest case statistics

New Zealand: Banking Ombudsman Scheme - recent case studies

Malaysia: New terms of reference for SIDREC

UK: Latest 'ombudsman news' from the Financial Ombudsman Service
Pakistan: Banking Mohtasib (Ombudsman)'s annual report
South Africa: Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance addresses 'pacemaker scam'


From 2016


Malaysia:Ombudsman for Financial Services now operational with a new website

New Zealand: annual report Banking Ombudsman Scheme

New Zealand: annual report Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme

Australia: Financial Ombudsman Service publishes annual review
UK: Fighting fraud - UK Financial Ombudsman Service warns about financial scams

Australia: Review of external dispute resolution in the Australian financial system

Germany: Ombudsman Scheme for Investment Funds our newest member

Canada: OmbudService for Life & Health Insurance new website; new tools

Australia: Calls for a fund of last resort for people who have lost money through poor financial advice

Channel Islands: Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman first annual report
Finland: Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau annual report
France: French Insurance Mediation new website
South Africa: Ombudsman for Banking Services South Africa annual report

South Africa: Ombudsman for Long-term Insurance South Africa annual report

Switzerland: Swiss Ombudsman of Insurance annual report

Europe: Online dispute resolution website for Europe The European Commission (EC)'s Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform is now accessible to consumers and traders.


From 2015


New Zealand: Insurance & Savings Ombudsman becomes Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman

Poland: New Financial Ombudsman
Channel Islands: Financial Ombudsman to commence operation in November 2015

Canada: New Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments
UK: Financial Ombudsman Service - consumers in vulnerable circumstances

New Zealand: Financial abuse of the elderly

Cyprus: Complaints to new financial ombudsman

Australia: Ethics training for financial advisers

India: RBI plans cyber security arm for banks

South Africa: Bank Ombud: internet fraud concerns

South Africa: Compensation by life insurers

New Zealand: New Banking Ombudsman

Australia: New Chair, Superannuation Complaints Tribunal

Ireland: New Financial Services Ombudsman

Channel Islands: New Financial Ombudsman for the Channel Islands

UK: Financial Ombudsman Services publishes latest complaints data

Taiwan ROC: New Financial Ombudsman Institution Taiwan Chair


From 2014


UK: Financial Ombudsman Service: the Viking link to Ombudsman
Costa Rica: Financial Services Ombudsman for Costa Rica

Namibia: Financial Ombudsman for Namibia

Isle of Man: Consultation on changes to Financial Services Ombudsman, Isle of Man

New Zealand: Banking Ombudsman New Zealand warns investors

France: AMF warns of the dangers of forex market trading for individual investors

UK: FCA seeks ban on premium rate calls for bank and insurance customers

New Zealand: Draft responsible lending code

UK: How the Financial Ombudsman is trying to stop payday loans spiral out of control

Trinidad & Tobago: Central Bank Governor says FSO not powerful enough

Australia: Credit Ombudsman and Financial Ombudsman to bar rogue credit repair agents

Australia: Banks’ automated computer systems blamed for approved uncreditworthy customers








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