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How to set up a financial services ombudsman scheme


The INFO Network's new 'Guide to setting up a Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme' is now available. This is a practical guide that has been developed to inform the creation of new financial services ombudsman schemes and to build understanding about the ombudsman model of independent external dispute resolution.




The INFO Network has consistently and actively sought to grow both the number and geographic reach of financial services ombudsman schemes, and to extend the many benefits of accessible, effective and independent external dispute resolution to more financial services consumers around the world.


Our first major effort in this regard was the development and adoption of guiding principles for financial services ombudsman schemes. Published in September 2014, 'Effective approaches to fundamental principles' sets out our members' collective view of aspirational good practices which guide the development, refinement and evaluation of financial services ombudsman schemes. To support the development of new schemes, we translated the 'effective approaches' publication into other languages.


We are pleased continue our efforts to support the development of new schemes — and provide useful resources for existing schemes — by capturing the lessons learned from successful implementations of financial services ombudsman schemes and bringing that wisdom together into a start-up guide for new schemes. Our new guide, published in March 2018, covers most of the areas that should be considered when planning and implementing a financial services ombudsman scheme. It also offers a toolbox of resources to assist with implementation.


Using the guide


Anyone may quote from the INFO Network's 'Guide to setting up a Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme', provided they clearly acknowledge the quotation comes from a guide produced by the INFO Network and describe the role of the INFO Network, as explained on page 2 of the guide. © INFO Network 2018






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